Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week Day 4!

I had a brilliant day today at Graduate Fashion Week, helping out at Southampton Solent University's interesting stand. Created by the Fashion Management and Marketing students the stand certainly attracted the right crowd and was a great talking point! As a Fashion Photography Graduate of 2012 I thought I should do my bit my helping out at the stand and talking to possible students about the diverse range or courses at Southampton Solent. There was so much to do and see at Graduate Fashion Week and the 4 day long event really is a must for anyone Graduating next year. 

Southampton Solent University stand, 2012. 
Middle Image: Third Floor Publication.
Photography by Jennifer Frazer
Styling by Sophie Hawkes
Top Image: Photography by Nia Alexandra Baldwin
Photography by Jade Kennedy
Model: Karla Kuhn
Photography by Holly Corsie
Third Floor Publication
Photography by Jennifer Frazer
Styling by Sophie Hawke
Main Image: Photography by Nia Alexandra Baldwin

Graduate Week as you may or may not know is sponsored by George @Asda this year. They had a lot organised for the week and events designed to help Graduate's from CV building to going through your portfolio.Today they also had Fashion Writer, Colin McDowell doing a Q&A session with the one and only Henry Holland! When I found this out my day was complete and I thought I had to abandone the Solent stand for a bit to go and see what Henry had to say and maybe even ask him a question myself. 
Left to right: Henry Holland, Colin McDowell and Hilary Alexander
Henry Holland at Graduate Fashion Week

Henry Holland at his Q&A session with Colin McDowell
To start with Colin McDowell asked Henry some questions of his own to give the audience an idea into the background of how Henry Holland originally went into print making, onto a journalism course and then his career as a designer. Then it was time for us to ask the questions but at first everyone seemed a bit reserved and shy. 

I finally plucked up the courage and asked Henry 'I have recently graduated in a Fashion Photography degree but I now want to become a fashion journalist, what advise would you give me in this difficult climate?'. 

I can't remember exactly what his answer was as I feeling a bit starstruck, but he told me to not be put off by the fact that my degree isn't in journalism and to get as much experience as possible. He said when interning he had a job working in a bar to make ends meet and he advised I did the same. By this point I was relieved that I was even chosen to ask a question! Of corse I forgot my camera so when I stopped Henry after the Q&A to get a picture, to my luck it was blurry!
Me and Fashion Designer, Henry Holland :)

Other highlights at GFW

While at GFW I also took the time to check out FamousForFifteen's pop up store in association with Elle. They are a new niche brand that provides unique, customised vintage clothing. Check out me at there pop up store today:

Me at FamousForFifteen's pop up store at GFW!
Draper's Press Board at GFW
Student's showcasing their work at GFW
Daphne Guiness at GFW Front Row
My favourite collection at GFW 2012
Caryn Franklin speaking at GFW 2012

Winner of the Gold Award 2012 went to Chloe Jones. 

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