Thursday, 30 May 2013

Summer WishList

I must admit I never really used to get the whole fascination everyone had with Pinterest until very recently.I used to use it every now and again but now it has clicked and I love it. I have to admit once upon a time I was the very same with twitter. I always said I won't have twitter and now look at me I tweet my way through every day. Pinterest boards are a great way to collate all of your inspiration for your home, life and also your wardrobe. I have started a board called 'WishList' that works alongside my blogging too, as I can capture items that I like for a later blog post as and when I see them. Ok so most of my wishlist currently involves clothes that I simply cannot afford but there are also some great affordable pieces from Monki, Klear Klutch and ASOS.  Take a look at my Summer Wish List straight from my board on Pinterest. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

LC:M Newgen S/S '14

London Collections: Men is just around the corner and with a lot of fashionista's already planning their outfits and getting excited about the event's busy schedule I think it's going to be even better than before. London Collections: Men is a 3 day event that celebrates everything great about menswear from catwalk collections to exhibition space and exclusive events hosted by the likes of Tom Ford. The highlights for me last season were definitely the Katie Eary show, which I had great seats for and also the controversial but mesmerising J.W.Anderson show. I cannot wait to see what they have to offer us next, something bigger and better I would assume.

Newgen is a sponsorship with Topshop/Topman that has supported London Fashion Week for over 10 years. When menswear was taken away from LFW and given it's own event LC:M Newgen followed and rightly so. Each season Newgen supports up-and-coming designers to give them that extra push needed to showcase their work and this season's designers have just been announced.

Agi & Sam

I love a design duo and Agi & Sam are one step above the rest when it comes to quality and creative flair. Their last collection stood out with it's bold prints and striking silhouettes, combining the right amount of heritage and modern together. 

Matthew Miller

After studying at the Royal College of Art Matthew set up his own label and has grown from strength to strength with each season. For A/W '13 his almost all black collection collection got great reviews as he took an anarchic take on classic tailoring. 'Born to Fail' was the slogan of the collection, although I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. 

Astrid Anderson

Using hip-hop and masculinity as a crucial influence within design Astrid inserts a feminine touch with his choice of materials and colour ways. After only graduating in 2010 Astrid has acheived so much and won the Brioni Creativity and Innovation Award and the River Island MA Student Bursary Award. 

Lee Roach

After graduating from Central Saint Martins BA course in 2010, Lee's S/S 2011 collection featured in Selfridges 'Bright Young Things' initiative. Lee describes his signature as “Reduction and repetition.”

Nasir Mazhar

After working alongside with theatre costume designer, Mark Wheeler and training with Jane Smith, Nasir made the decision to go it alone and set up his own label. Not one to play it safe Nasir is definitely one to watch this season.  

Shaun Samson

With a MA from Central St Martin's it's no surprise with the success Shaun Samson has had in the fashion world. I went to his show last season and was transformed into a world of modern streetwear and I loved it!

Martine Rose

With a very retro feeling within her designs and influences Martine Rose has been allocated presentation and designer showroom sponsorship at S/S 2014 London Collections: Men. The only female out of the group, come on Martine, do it for the girls! 

Friday, 17 May 2013

NAWMAN It's over

I remember back in those dark days when I was writing my dissertation 'Are subcultures relevant in the 21st century?', band tee's were literally taking over our high streets. At the time I spent a lot of time researching into peoples buying habits and everyone was so crazy about band tee's. Most of the people interviewed couldn't name or had never listened to a song from the band they were showing off to the world. This frustrated me so much although I myself was guilty of this and at the time had a Ramones tee stuffed in the bottom of one of my drawers. I felt like such a hypocrite but don't worry as soon as my dissertation was submitted straight onto ebay it went. Band tees still remain in our high streets, and probably will always have an impact on fashion but the consumption seems to be a lot more subtle. However there is a new tee that has now taken over and I have to vent my frustrations. The fake designer novelty tee is everywhere I go and the worst bit about it is most people that are purchasing them don't even understand the meaning behind them and simply think they are 'cool'. The Homies tee is probably the most over done with but most people I spoke to had no idea it had any link to the 'Hermés' Paris tee. I mean come on?! The Homies image is now plastered all over beanies, tees, jumpers and totes. When will this end?! The 'Aint Laurent Without Yves' tee was actually one that I really liked the first time I saw it and bought it instantly. However after taking it home and thinking 'Katie you hypocrite', once again,  I returned it. I think what made it for me was when I saw a tee copying Balmain that said NAWMAN- It's over... It really is over so people please stop buying them!I personally would like a genuine Céline Paris tee and not one that says Féline Meow or Céline Dion thank you very much. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Summer Essentials: Cochinechine

CoChineChine is a luxury boutique that after nine years selling beautiful designer clothes in Hampstead recently launched their very own website. Stocking everything great from Kenzo to COMME DES GARÇONS, CoChineChine have a striking brand image to rival the likes of net-a-porter and Don't be put off by the prices, even if something remains on your wish list for a couple of months it will feel like an achievement when you do finally get to show it off. I have always been a huge fan of fast fashion and spending my money when I have it but I think it is always worth spending that bit more on your clothes. Even if you have to save hard it is worth it to get those quality and timeless pieces we all deserve. Here are my 'Summer Essentials' from CoChineChine. If you are in North London then pop in store, you will be welcomed with open arms.

A.P.C X Nike

A.P.C & Nike have teamed up once again to bring you an update of the shoe of the moment 'Air Max 1'. If life was as simple as a game of monopoly, I would make sure all of my properties were mortgaged for a pair of these on my feet right now. Simple in design but with a beautiful and minimal finish, A.P.C and Nike have created a collection that will form the basis of many wardrobes this summer. Unlike other collaborations at a first glance A.P.C's involvement isn't obvious, but that's what brilliant about them. As well as the ever popular 'Air Max 1' the A.P.C x Nike collaboration also features The Dunk available in beige and black.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tramp in Disguise A/W 13

Some designers own experiences influence them, others look towards the streets. For Tramp in Disguise A/W '13 collection the book 'One Thousand and One Nights' forms the inspiration behind the collection entitled 'Arabian Nights'. The story tells the story of a Persian king who marries a succession of virgins who he then executes because he suspects their fidelity. He then marries a women called Scheherazade who begins their marriage by telling the king a tale- but when she doesn't complete the story the king, curious to here the conclusion, postpones her execution. Her story telling continues for 1,001 nights covering everything from historical tales to burlesques and various forms of erotica. 'Arabian Night's features print motifs drawn from these tales and includes daggers, mosques, architectural geometric patterns and belly dancing clothing. 

Tell us a bit about Tramp In Disguise. How did the brand begin? 
 I started Tramp In Disguise in 2010 after finishing an MA in Fashion knitwear design at the Royal College of Art.

Your latest collection 'Arabian Night's in inspired by the book One Thousand and One Nights. What made you turn to literature as inspiration? 
I wanted to do an Arabian themed collection and I remembered this book from my childhood and started to read it for inspiration. It’s always good to design from a story where you can take inspiration from many things, so you will create something unique and unexpected.

Your designs are full of wonderful patterns and luxurious fabrics, where do you source your fabrics? The prints are designed by me, so I source the fabrics for printing normally from the print manufacturer’s selection. I do normally use silk, wool and cotton fabrics.

How do you engage with your target audience? Is Social Media Important to you? 
I wasn’t so big of a user on social media before but it’s really important now. In today’s world social media has got a great importance to engage audience. 

You work a lot of color within your collections. What colours will you be wearing this Summer? 
The colours I wear depend on my mood in the morning. If I’m on a good mood I wear bright colours if I feel tired or more serious I often wear dark colours. I don’t follow trends in regards to the colours that I wear.
What does the future hold for Tramp in Disguise? 
We have a fully sponsored catwalk show in Croatia in Zagreb fashion week in May. We are launching our diffusion line My Galavant also in May, so we’ll be working with two lines in the future.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Aqua PR Press Day

I have been so busy working full time that not only have I not been blogging very often but I haven't been able to attend many press days this season. With an invite to the Aqua PR press day at the Radisson Blu Hampshire in Leicester Square, I knew I had to attend. What is great about Aqua PR is the diversity of the brands they cater, with everything from beauty and fashion to home interiors. 

The team at Aqua believe in looking at the bigger picture when it comes to fashion PR and offer a great service for brands with that added extra touch. The location, choice of brands and of course the goody bag were all fantastic!  The Goody bag is the best part of press days and featuring Smooch Cosmetics, W7 Make Up and Sranron I was very impressed.

Smooch Cosmetics offer a great range of make-up from great shades of lipsticks to nail varnish. Their new collection is beautiful and if I must say some shades are very similar to mac (a cheaper alternative-you heard it here first!).

The Spring '13 Collection by Lisbeth Dahl will add that girly edge to your house this spring. With beautiful floral prints and pastel colours it gives you a perfect excuse to throw a tea party filled with cupcakes. Now all we need is this beautiful weather to stay with us a while longer.

I fell in love with this bag at the Aqua PR press day and I must say I am still thinking about it. The on trend tangerine shade and the simplicity in it's design makes it a summer essential. A girl can never have too many bags, shoes or clothes, no matter what your boyfriend may say!

As well as homeware Lisbeth Dahl also makes beautiful umbrellas, jewellery and bags. Although I'm hoping we won't need the use of our umbrellas too much until winter.

All pictures are via Instagram | katiehandybeith