Saturday, 10 March 2012

Technology & Fashion

I have been busy researching Technology in fashion over the past couple of days for an article I am writing. It is a fascinating subject and as technology advances its influence in fashion is ever increasing. I found myself most impressed by company CuteCircuit, which is a fashion company based in London who are pioneer's in the field of 'wearable technology'. You may recognise the dress they designed for Katy Perry back in 2010 which helped her WOW the red carpet with her dress containing 3000 LED's that are embroidered into the embellishment of the dress. 

The dress I am most fascinated by and impressed with is 'The Galaxy Dress' which was the centre piece of 'Fast-Forward: Inventing the future'. Containing 24,000 full colour LED's it is the largest wearable display in the world. The result is simple mesmerising!
All CuteCircuit garments are designed by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz. The company are also accountable for the amazing 'hug shirt' which through an sms style message enables a hug stimulation to be send through your shirt. What next?

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