Sunday, 4 March 2012

Why does Pandemonia get front row?

I created a blogspot last year and since then I have mainly used tumblr to update my thoughts, inspirations and to document my work. However I am now back on blogspot.

For those of you with an interest in the fashion world that haven't yet heard of Pandamonia or seen the 7ft conceptual artist, remember the name! Underneath the extravegant costume's is in fact a male fine artist with a longing to feel beautiful. I caught up with him at London Fashion Week and asked him a few questions.

Me. What inspires you to dress like this?
Pandamonia. For me it is exclusivity, an expression of yourself. What you wear is what you are, it's what you buy into. I'm buying into the modern dream, I'm buying into fashion and the idea of beauty. I get my idea's from people I see, adverts and things I see in magazine's.
Me. Do you feel good when you are dressed like this?
Pandamonia. Yes it does feel good like this, it's all glossy it's all about glossiness and shininess. I make the designs myself, I'm a fine artist and I also make lots of sculptures. 
I'm interested to find out why Pandamonia get's offered front row at fashion events, he must clearly  hinder the view for people sat behind him, but it does make for an interesting front row. 
Me talking to Pandemonia at LFW A/W 2012

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