Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier sparks outrage at Paris Couture Week

Jean Paul Gaultier causes outrage as his latest collection showcased at Paris Couture Week was inspired by former drug addict, Pete Doherty. 60-year-old Gaultier became fascinated as was said to be 'bowled over' by the British musician, Doherty after meeting him in Cannes. The show that had androgynous model, Andrej Pejic as the main star of the show included 19th century top hats, high taffeta collars and  lots and lots of black. 

Jean Paul Gaultier is not new to a little bit of controversy surrounding his show as his last couture show was inspired by the late, Amy Winehouse not so long after her death. One thing for sure is that Gaultier knows how to spark a bit of controversy and get people talking about his latest work!


  1. I think Jean Paul Gaultier is incredibly inspirational,and probably knows that by doing this people are going to talk about it.
    I loved his collection inspired by Amy Winehouse,i think it celebrated her character and style.
    Im also a huge fan of Andrej Pejic,how can a man be that beautiful! :D Fab Post x

  2. I totally agree I loved his Amy Winehouse collection aswell. I think if anything it celebrated her style and her life, I think some people just thought it was a little bit too soon after her death. I know I am totally fascinated by Andrej it's so hard to believe sometimes that it's a boy. Stunning x

  3. The dresses with the projected image are amazing
    love the blog Izzy x