Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Print Magazine or Digital Magazine?

Print or Digital?

Over the past few years one debate that resurfaces from time to time is that of the print vs digital magazine. I have always preferred print magazine as there is just something you get from turning the pages in your hand that just isn't quite the same as the click of a mouse. There is no denying that online magazines are a lot easier to access, and magazines need to adhere to the 21st century, however I now find myself somewhere in the middle. I can't see a day where I would never buy a print magazine, but for now online magazines are working for me. 

However one exception to the rule is Notion Magazine. I have a lot of respect for Notion, however living in the Oxfordshire countryside I can't always get my hands on a copy. What I love about Notion is I can view it online, and even if I don't necessarily read as many of the articles as I would in a print copy, I don't feel like I'm missing out. & what is even better is you save your pennies, for other magazines :) Win win!! Take a look at this beautiful editorial from the latest Notion and you can view it online here: http://www.e-pages.dk/notion/81/. 

So what side are you on digital or print?!

Photography: Damien Fry
Styling: Natalie Hubbard
Model: Helena Greyhouse @ premier


  1. Gorgeous post darling!
    I love this editorial!
    For me Digital is where its at! Don't get me wrong, the feel of print is amazing but I think its a dying artform :( Sad but true! I think it'll be for collectors and specialist magazines only in the future! :(

    Abi x

  2. Thank you Abi. I had a quick look at your blog. You should set up bloglovin' or google friend connect so I can follow you. :) I totally agree with you I think I am becoming more and more towards the digital movement. I think I need to get myself an iPad and then I will love it even more! :D

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