Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Trend Watch: Floral Passion

                           3. Premium Floral Trousers, Asos- £27   4. Floral Clutch Bag    

This is probably the most girly style post I have ever posted and I'm sure I ever will! I wear a lot of black and dark colours but the weather in London today has inspired me to look to the Spring/Summer trends for inspiration. Floral prints are start to fill our high street stores and online boutiques already in time for Summer. The prints are mainly delicate with some heavier prints also making a huge impact. I am on the search for a floral trouser and blazer combo at the moment, as they were a huge hit at London Fashion Week, but so far I am failing to find the right one. To wear floral I would probably pick one of the above items and layer with a lot of black. Ok so I really can't take black completely out of my wardrobe...sorry! I love the blazer from designer, MinkPink and I have a feeling it will stay in your wardrobe for the next few seasons. Whether you want to wear floral top to toe or take a more subtle approach like myself, embrace it somehow. With floral anything goes and you can also recycle some old floral pieces from past seasons.

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