Thursday, 9 January 2014

Jewellery: Mean Girls Collection

I cannot quite believe that it has been a decade since the release of Mean Girls, back when I was only 13 years old! Ever since it has been common knowledge that "you can't sit with us" and on "wednesdays we wear pink". I actually remember one of my friends creating a Burn Book inspired from the film, needless to say this caused lots of teenage problems.

To celebrate the milestone Stella & Bow are launching a Mean Girls inspired range entitled 'The Burn Book Collection'. Each piece is inspired from the film and named after a Mean Girls character. It's hard to pick a favourite piece as I love them all but I think it has to be the best friends necklace and cute pink stone bangle. What I love most about the collection is the pieces are subtle, delicate yet humorous and alluring. The only pieces I don't like are the friendship style bracelets are perhaps aimed towards a younger market. The collection is due for release in February but is available for pre-order. 

"Most all of our favourite movies have been capitalised upon, via clothing, home goods, fashion accessories - except for Mean Girls," Lauren Brokaw


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