Tuesday, 15 May 2012

DIY Studded collar...

So I have finished uni now and am back to customizing items of my wardrobe. Studs are such an effective way to update your wardrobe and are relatively easy to do. I found a boring white shirt from my wardrobe and within minutes it was transformed. Let me show you how!

-1 boring item of clothing with collar.
-pack of studs
-a night out planned to show your new shirt off!

Step 1. Make sure you have everything ready to customize your shirt!

Step 2. Think of the design you want for your studs. I like to start from the bottom and make a triangle shape.

 Step 3. Pierce through your first stud. Sometimes the outside of the shirt can be tough so you can use your scissors to pierce through the fabric. Then use your scissors to press down on the studs.

Half way through!

Step 4. Continue until you finish your design on both sides of the shirt. 

Step 5. Go out and show off your new customized item!

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