Sunday, 23 December 2012

Serge DeNimes: Bloggers Breakfast

Friday 21/12/2012 was a very memorable day for many, and for me it wasn't only because of for the supposed 'end of the world' but because I got to hang out with Oliver Proudlock at his pop up store on Dover Street. When I found out that there was a bloggers breakfast and a chance to hear about Serge DeNimes straight from owner Proudlock himself I jumped at the chance. 

I don't know about you but I am a HUGE fan of Made In Chelsea (a show documenting the lifes of the rich in Chelsea that subsequently brought Proudlock to our screens). However during the talk Proudlock was insistant that he wanted to keep Serge DeNimes as seperate from Made in Chelsea as he could and to be honest I don't blame him. Hailing from a background in Art, Proudlock fuses the boundaries of art and fashion so beautifully. Back in series 2 Proudlock mentioned a little bit about his t-shirt brand but it was only last week that the brand had it's launch night.  This followed by a 10 day pop-up store on Dover Street which was where the bloggers breakfast took place.  

 For those of you that know me know I am not particularly a morning person, but for the chance to catch up with other bloggers, have some tasty brownies by Wraggamuffins and to chat to Proudlock I certainly did not mind! Networking is the key to blogging and the fashion industry and some great blogs to check out from the morning are Seeing stars in my eyesBerlin London, and Style the natives.

With so many t-shirt brands with similar designs out there it's important to stand out and the Serge De Nimes prints do just that. Firstly you might be thinking what does Serge DeNimes really mean? Well like you I was equally curious and had to start researching. Interestingly Serge DeNimes is about the origin of denim. Okay so maybe now you are thinking where is the denim in the collection? Proudlocks mum actually used to have a denim brand and his future plans include a lot of denim. This will start with injecting denim into his t-shirt designs and will then progress from there.

Even though when you are reading this the pop-up store will actually be over it isn't all bad news. The future is actually looking very bright for Serge DeNimes and I can't wait to follow it's journey. You can order online for an after christmas treat now and I have no doubt they will have another pop up before long. 


  1. Thanks for linking to Wraggamuffins and mentioning us in your post. Glad you enjoyed the 'Serge DeNimes' brownies


    1. You are very welcome!
      Hope to see you other events soon!


  2. The pop up store looks great! Proudlock's definitely been working hard, do you know when he'll be releasing the beanies for this collection?

    1. It was so lovely.. I'm sure he will be doing another pop up shop soon and it will be equally as aesthetically pleasing. I would have thought the beanies will be up at some point this month.. They are so lovely! I really want one in khaki.. Thanks for stepping by my blog-will take a look at yours now.

      Katie x