Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter Wonderland: Topshop Christmas Campaign

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and I love anything that can get me in a christmassy mood! Earlier today Topshop announced that Kate Bosworth was the face of their first ever christmas campaign. If you follow Topshop on twitter you may have seen throughout the week that they  launched a #whosthatgirl competition to build some excitement around who the mystery face could be! Over a five day period social media fans were given clues as to who would be singing Winter Wonderland.

As well as photography for billboards and on Topshop.com the christmas campaign also includes a video of Kate Bosworth herself singing her version of Winter Wonderland, which coincidently was directed by her boyfriend, Michael Polish. Unfortunately the dress that Kate wears in the video isn't available to those in the UK and will be available to buy in America to mark the opening of the LA Topshop in February 2013.


  1. she looks like a fittiee but had higher hopes for her singing...ohwel! shes Kate Bosworth who gives a damn about her vocals! :)

    1. I thought she was quite good! I mean she wasn't amazing but it was quite mystical and got me feeling quite christmassy!! If only we had the money to shop in Topshop atm, they have some lovely stuff..


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