Thursday, 26 April 2012

"I went to London to buy a heat magazine....."

I spent the day in London yesterday, it was nice to get out of Southampton for a day and visit the big smoke! :)

To start off with I had an interview at Schon! Magazine for Journalist/Copywriter at their head office in South London. I was nervous but fingers crossed it went well. I then went to Oxford Street to take pictures of shop window displays for an article featuring visual merchandising, Jonathan Baker for Third Floor Publication. Followed by a short trip to Camden market with my boyfriend and a theatre visit at Matilda in the evening. 

Oxford Street.

Selfridges window display. April 2012

I love this French Connection window display, April 2012.

Selfridges infuses the use of technology with this window display, April 2012.

Ireland xo

Another Selfridges window, April 2012

Creepers at Camden

Camden town

Matilda :)

Me at Matilda :)

James at Matilda :)

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