Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mocks Spring/Summer 2013

I know it may not seem like it with this cold spell we are having but Spring is just around the corner (I promise), so brighten up your wardrobe in advance with a pair of colourful Mocks. A distant relative of the moccasin (don't worry I had to google them aswell), the Mocks bring the traditional concept straight to the 21st century with a collection filled with vibrant colours that are going to be so in this Spring/Summer. Whether you are off to the park for a picnic or for a dog walk these Mocks are great!

As much as us girls love to say 'no pain no gain' when it comes to our choice of shoes Spring/Summer is all about getting outside and having fun, so keep your heels in your wardrobes please. You can finally ditch that pair of shoes that you only keep because they are comfortable and replace them with a pair that are comfy but also mega stylish! Mocks are made from an innovative new material adding a new sense of comfort to every day use. They are also washable, so whatever you get up to this Spring/Summer, the only reason you'll need to buy a new pair is to add another colour to your wardrobe.

Mocks are available in a wide range of 16 colours, my personal favourite are the neon pink colour but looking through, I really do feel spoilt for choice.

'Classic but casual, sophisticated but fun-break the mould with Mocks'.

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