Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A.P.C X Nike

A.P.C & Nike have teamed up once again to bring you an update of the shoe of the moment 'Air Max 1'. If life was as simple as a game of monopoly, I would make sure all of my properties were mortgaged for a pair of these on my feet right now. Simple in design but with a beautiful and minimal finish, A.P.C and Nike have created a collection that will form the basis of many wardrobes this summer. Unlike other collaborations at a first glance A.P.C's involvement isn't obvious, but that's what brilliant about them. As well as the ever popular 'Air Max 1' the A.P.C x Nike collaboration also features The Dunk available in beige and black.


  1. too beautiful not to love, and simple enough to include in any outfit - i want them both!

    1. Me too! They sold out very quickly though.. My friend got the last in her size in the white pair... Very Jealous.. Thanks for checking out my blog :)