Friday, 17 May 2013

NAWMAN It's over

I remember back in those dark days when I was writing my dissertation 'Are subcultures relevant in the 21st century?', band tee's were literally taking over our high streets. At the time I spent a lot of time researching into peoples buying habits and everyone was so crazy about band tee's. Most of the people interviewed couldn't name or had never listened to a song from the band they were showing off to the world. This frustrated me so much although I myself was guilty of this and at the time had a Ramones tee stuffed in the bottom of one of my drawers. I felt like such a hypocrite but don't worry as soon as my dissertation was submitted straight onto ebay it went. Band tees still remain in our high streets, and probably will always have an impact on fashion but the consumption seems to be a lot more subtle. However there is a new tee that has now taken over and I have to vent my frustrations. The fake designer novelty tee is everywhere I go and the worst bit about it is most people that are purchasing them don't even understand the meaning behind them and simply think they are 'cool'. The Homies tee is probably the most over done with but most people I spoke to had no idea it had any link to the 'Hermés' Paris tee. I mean come on?! The Homies image is now plastered all over beanies, tees, jumpers and totes. When will this end?! The 'Aint Laurent Without Yves' tee was actually one that I really liked the first time I saw it and bought it instantly. However after taking it home and thinking 'Katie you hypocrite', once again,  I returned it. I think what made it for me was when I saw a tee copying Balmain that said NAWMAN- It's over... It really is over so people please stop buying them!I personally would like a genuine Céline Paris tee and not one that says Féline Meow or Céline Dion thank you very much. 

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