Thursday, 30 May 2013

Summer WishList

I must admit I never really used to get the whole fascination everyone had with Pinterest until very recently.I used to use it every now and again but now it has clicked and I love it. I have to admit once upon a time I was the very same with twitter. I always said I won't have twitter and now look at me I tweet my way through every day. Pinterest boards are a great way to collate all of your inspiration for your home, life and also your wardrobe. I have started a board called 'WishList' that works alongside my blogging too, as I can capture items that I like for a later blog post as and when I see them. Ok so most of my wishlist currently involves clothes that I simply cannot afford but there are also some great affordable pieces from Monki, Klear Klutch and ASOS.  Take a look at my Summer Wish List straight from my board on Pinterest. 

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