Friday, 2 November 2012

Busy busy busy...

The past couple of weeks seem to have flown by.. There has been some bad news but also some exciting changes and I think it is all for the best.. I had a wonderful holiday in Tunisia and saw some wonderful sights- a 2 day trip to the sahara was definitely something I won't forget...

Me being a tourist at El Jem, Tunisia

Our wonderful All inclusive hotel in Sousee, Tunisia

The Sahara dessert, well worth a visit!

Me before my terrifying camel ride in the sahara!

Even though we went away for a nice break and mainly to sunbathe the weather around the pool wasn't  great.. Which in the long run was probably better because we went on a 2 day trip to the sahara and saw so many great sites! I'm not sure I would recommend Tunisia as a country for a holiday-you get to see some great sights but it is very poor and you get hassled a lot.

The fashion magazine that I work for pause is working through its winter issue at the moment and asked me if I would do the winter cover interview for them. I was honoured to be asked again and we started brainstorming ideas of who would be great for the winter issue. It was then decided that Vince Kidd from the Voice would be a great choice!! On Monday I went to London to interview him and all in all it was a great experience... Keep your eyes peeled for the Winter Issue!!

Me and the lovely Vince Kidd

A behind the scenes look at the cover shoot for pause!

Whilst on holiday we found out that Wahoo-the club and bar I work in and live above has shut down.. Even though this was awful news me and my boyfriend have decided it's a great opportunity for us to move to London.. So fingers crossed in the next week or so we will be living in the big smoke!!

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