Friday, 2 November 2012

Denise Grunstein:photographer

I came across Denise Grunstein's work recently and even thought she may not be the most sought after photographer in the world, there is something so mesmerising and fresh about her work. She works in both colour and black and white but it is her colour work that gets my attention.. In fact it was the image below that caught my eye and I had to see who took it. 

Denise is a swedish photographer and is represented by CameraLink and is one of the most respected photographers in Sweden. She specialises in portraits, landscape and fashion. Her work is simply stunning-what do you think?

Since graduating in May I have concentrated mainly on my fashion writing and my photography has let slip. Denise certainly makes me want to go straight and make some mood boards and plan a shoot. Her attention to detail is second to none-and even though I can draw similarities to Tim Walkers work she does it all with such a laid back attitude and in her own style.

For more of Denise's work visit:


  1. I thought your blog updates on facebook were from tumblr didnt realise you had a blogspot! Now following you my lovely <3
    P.S Join Independent Fashion Bloggers it's amazing to build a following!

  2. Hey hun, Yeah I used to have a tumblr but I much prefer blogspot.. I love your blog-you've got quite a few followers aswell.. Also exciting times but I might be living in London within the weke-so we can see each other more!!

    Ooh will check out Independent Fashion Bloggers...

    Miss you <3

  3. she really does produce great work!! i love how each photo can be interpreted a different way depending on your perspective.

  4. I agree.. She is fantastic...

    Thank you for looking at my blog!!