Sunday, 25 November 2012

My week through Instagram...

I have only had instagram since August but I am definitely addicted! I find it hard to go a day without posting an image, and whether boring or not I am going to share with a week of images with you.It has been another very busy week for me in London from sight seeing to lots and lots of interviews. I absolutely love London but I can't wait until I have money to go on a huge shopping spree.

Christmas lights on Regents St, London

The lights really are impressive in London this year and I love being part of the christmassy atmosphere every day. Regents St and Oxford St both have a lovely vibe at the moment and I must have taken about one hundred images now just of the christmas lights-sorry instagrammers!
Graduation-Fashion with Photography (First Class Honours)
On Monday I headed back to Southampton for my graduation! I know you may be thinking 'that's late' and yes in typical Southampton Solent style our graduation was months late. It was well worth it though and I finally had my moment in the gown and hat! Unfortunately my dad couldn't make it as he lost his passport, but the great thing about technology is that he could watch the whole ceremony online. I do keep joking now though that he will just have to pay for me to do a masters so he can make that ceremony (I can keep wishing!). 

Me and my boyfriend at my graduation

Me and my mother at Graduation
After my successful attempt at walking over the stage without falling over I headed back to Oxfordshire to go for a family meal. It was such a big day for me and I got absolutely spoilt.

My new Marc Jacobs macbook case
A bit of champagne to celebrate

New charms for my nomination bracelet-scroll and graduation hat!
After all of the excitement of my graduation I headed back to the big smoke in search of that 'perfect job'. I have applied for every job under the sun from Production Assistant at REP Ltd to Marketing Executive for a boutique in Chelsea. However in London it all seems to be a waiting game and in the end I had to accept a job at Forever 21, Oxford St. It isn't the type of job that I particularly want to be in but for not it will pay the bills and it is Oxford St!!

Photographic research for REP Ltd-PA/Production Assistant
Me and James at Trafalgar Square

As we have only been living in London for around two weeks now it is all still very exciting. I love making the most of what the city has to offer and keeping myself busy. Today we spent the day visiting Tate Modern and generally being tourists around the London Bridge kind of area. James also starts his job tomorrow and I start at Forever 21 next week so we thought we would make the most of our free time!

Me outside Tate Modern. Casual OOTD

Neon lights at Tate Modern

Beautiful London-St Paul's Cathedral

Street Entertainer in Bankside

Beautiful Christmas lights near Tower Bridge

Beautiful evening by Tower Bridge
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