Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Bloggers New Years Resolution

1. Find more time to blog
As a blogger with a full time job it can be hard to find the time to write a blog post. One new years resolutions is going to be to try and blog 7 times a week.

2. Don't be lazy when it comes to outfits
I have never been a huge lover of ironing (come on who is?) and if it can be helped I will not iron my clothes. However we all have that one crumpled shirt in the bottom of our drawer that we don't choose simply because it needs to be ironed. This will change in 2013 and I will try to dig out those crinkled shirts and iron them with pride. 

3. Wear less black
I love black clothes-(who doesn't?) but my new years resolutions is to invest in more clothing that isn't black. This year I want to try and find more colours that suit me. I love maroon and burgundy but apart from these colours I rarely invest in colour. I might indulge in a nice fluro envelope clutch or a cambridge satchel to brighten up my outfits.

4. Get my dream job
After graduating in 2012 with a First Class Honours degree in fashion photography I have applied for as many jobs as you could imagine. I have many aspirations but I know for sure fashion is the place for me, whether it be model booking, PR, marketing... The world is my oyster- but for 2013 my aim is to apply for one job each day until I have found my perfect jobs. I have lots of interviews coming in-my main problem is the amount of people applying. Wish me luck!!

5. Save for my mulberry
I have lusted over Mulberry bags for as long as I can remember but never seem to have enough income to buy one. However 2013 is the year where this will change-not only will I blag my dream job but I will save enough money to buy myself a Mulberry. Last year for my birthday my aunty set me off on my quest for a Mulberry bag and bought me a gift voucher for Mulberry. I remember he saying to me 'It only lasts a year so that's a good incentive to make you save'. So the clock is ticking-I have until June 2012 to finally get my Mulberry.

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  1. Although I have just started my blog I will definitely take note of these resolutions for the coming year! Will come in handy.