Saturday, 5 January 2013

My item of choice.. UO Interview

As you may or may not know I have recently moved to London to pursue my career in the fashion industry, whether it be fashion PR or model booking I am still undecided. However while I am deciding and I am applying for jobs like crazy I am working in retail to make ends meet. I was walking through Oxford Street last week and I saw there was a new Urban Outfitters opening on Marble Arch. I have been a huge fan of Urban Outfitters for year and will always remember my trip to New York in 2008 as the time when I fell in love with UO. As you will know if you have been to NYC there is an UO store every couple of blocks, so that along with the beautiful clothes it really is hard not to. 

Anyway so you are probably wondering where this is going? Well I was lucky enough to get a group interview for Urban Outfitters, Marble Arch. In the email the only thing we had to do was bring along one item that is important to us. I immediately started looking round my room thinking-what shall I bring? It was then that I saw my Nikon film camera which was handed down from my Uncle and I knew I would have to bring this. 

When I was around 17 I started to become interested in photography and started Alevels at The Henley College, one of them being photography. The most I studied photography the more my love progressed and I ended up graduating this year with First Class Honours in Fashion with Photography. So when I look at this Nikon film camera given to me by my Uncle Adam years ago it shows how much it means to me. 

It was a great exercise and one by one we would stand up, introduce ourselves and tell the story of our item. It was a great ice-breaker and everyone had some great items that you can tell meant a lot to each of them. What item would you bring?

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