Sunday, 27 January 2013

Juergen Teller-Woo

For those of you feeling a little glum because Tim Walker's 'storyteller' exhibition has now ended, don't worry Juergen Teller's exhibition at Institute of Contemporary Arts is now open! The artist and photographer is best known for his portraits of Vivienne Westwood, Lily Cole and Kurt Cobain, as well as shooting most of the advertising for Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang and Celine. 

23 January 2013-17 March 2013
Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
Free Admission
Closest Tube: Charring Cross

The exhibition opens with a very open view of Dame Vivienne Westwood herself. It's not exactly how every 71 year old would like to be portrayed but it looked and felt so right. Vivienne Westwood was very much a part of the punk genre and has a typical 'I don't care' attitude. I think it's brilliant that at her age she has the confidence to bare all in from of the huge amount of people who will visit the exhibition. 
 What is brilliant about Juergen Teller's work is that it is so versatile but always fascinating. Whether he is photographing Kate Moss or a cute kitten there each image is as brilliant as the next. As well as exhibition space Juergen Teller's work took up 'The Fox Reading Room' at ICA. It was a room with top to bottom Juergen Teller tear out's from some of his most well known photography and advertising campaigns. The only grime I had about the exhibition was this room was far too small, apart from that it is a brilliant day out and it is FREE!

I would definitely recommend visiting the Juergen Teller exhibition on a week day as it will be a lot quieter. It is a brilliant exhibition for anyone interested in fashion or photography and shows some of Juergen Teller's best work. Be warned there is ALOT of nudity!! Also you are not actually allowed to take pictures, so you have to get your iphone out and take them on the sly. A girl there had a disposable camera and I thought this was a brilliant way to get some pictures that will actually look half decent. I will definitely keep this in mind in the future! Let me know if you go to the exhibition and what you think.


  1. Juergen Teller's work looks amazing! It looks so raw.

  2. His work is amazing.. I've been a fan of his for a while but seeing all of his work in one exhibition shows you just how much he has done..

    I would definitely recommend going to the exhibition!