Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fourth and Main #2

I recently stumbled across Art and Culture publication Fourth and Main and was so impressed with the quality of the writing, photography and overall presentation that I had to share it with you. After researching a little bit into Fourth & Main, I found out that not only is it a Art and Culture publication but also a clothing line, with a store in London. If the clothing line is anything to go by the publication, then quality, attention to detail and presentation will be amongst some of it's strengths. 

Throughout the publication there are beautiful illustrations by the talented Micah Lideberg. I hadn't come across his work before, but after taking a look he is incredibly talented and each of his designs is well thought out and breath taking. If you also enjoy his work then you can check his website out here.

Photography by Elliot Lee HazelThe photography and styling in Fourth & Main is so versatile but all of the images are eye-catching and beautiful in their own way. The above image is actually one of my favourite, the girly colour palette and great use of natural light works so well. 

If you like the look of Fourth & Main then check out their website and twitter.


  1. Goodness that looks delightfully beautiful!!
    Abi x

    1. It was so lovely Abi.. I'm sure you would of loved it... Next time you come to London check out the stockists page. I hope you are doing well my lovely x