Monday, 7 January 2013

The power of the internet

Fashion shows used to be an event purely for the VIP's of the fashion industry but now with the use of the internet and live streaming this is a thing of the past. Ok you don't quite get the same atmosphere streaming online and there was a very annoying buzzing the whole way through the show-but who am I to complain? It is brilliant for those with an interest in fashion, that otherwise wouldn't be able to watch the shows but I can't help to think with all the live streaming that it is taking something special away from Fashion Shows?

I don't think that Live Streaming will ever take over from Fashion Shows but it certainly takes away from the exclusivity and prestige of receiving an invitation to a fashion show. As like everything there are pro's and con's and for the designers their work is being sent round the world instantly-it certainly benefits them. For those living abroad with no option to fly over for London Collections it also is a benefit. However I can't help but think that I would rather have been at the Hackett show this evening, catching a glimpse of the front row celebrities and rubbing shoulders with the uber stylish. However thanks to the internet I feel like I have still been a part of the excitement with Hackett this evening, and writing this with my cup of green tea and tucked up in bed, I can't complain.

Katie x

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